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A Joyful Retirement ...

We have made the decision to retire ‘Coast’ from our hire line up for 2023.

We're having a drive at the moment to simplify our lives so that we have more time to enjoy the things that matter to us. We had a choice to make - keep our family car or keep Coast our VW camper, which we use personally when not on hire.

Sometimes you have to make decisions that aren’t always the easy option. It would have been easy to keep our family car, having owned it for 6 years it was reliable, had heated seats for the winter and even a massage chair! But that didn’t bring us Joy.

Coast matters, the symbolism behind him matters.

Enjoying the simple things in life, spending time with family, reading a book, taking a long walk and then putting a coffee on to brew, having a picnic, sleeping under the stars, cooking pancakes in the open air in a totally random place! Coast facilitates this and represents how we want to live our lives, what matters to us. It wasn’t really a decision, it was a choice.

We have loved sharing Coast with his guests over the years being part of Joyful Journeys, however we haven’t been able to enjoy him ourselves as often as we would like; we found ourselves using our car more often than not and Coast was reserved for special family outings.

Making this choice to have Coast as our full time vehicle has reiterated to me how important it is do a job I love and that I am passionate about, sharing something that brings me Joy, in the hope that it will bring the same to others. Life is so very busy and heading off on a weekend to explore in the camper is a great way to live life slowly and mindfully.

Ember and Boris will both be delighted to accompany you on your own Joyful Journey adventure in 2023!

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