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Billingsmoor Farm, Devon

Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Pre-camper last year we booked a stay with Featherdown at the beautiful Glanmor Isaf farm in North Wales.  It was a holiday that we will remember for a long time: the farmer and his family, their kindness, the location, our children feeding the lambs every morning, waking up to the cheery greetings from the pigs, the stroll across the field and down the hill to the secluded beach to collect firewood and the childrens’ excitement at collecting eggs each day. I still miss the chickens.

Challenged with a task to book a holiday for 8 people and 3 dogs during summer holidays I came across Billingsmoor Farm in Devon with a 10 person Featherdown glamping tent. Although we weren't able to stay in Coast we took him along for the ride and for the coffee making facilities :-) Upon arrival we were met by Jayne and shown around the farm. ​A beautiful location looking down at the Devon countryside. 

We stayed for 3 nights and only ventured out of the farm once for some supplies (chocolate!). The children loved running about the field, checking the chickens had food and water and greeting the sheep each morning. Even though it was July it rained every day and was quite chilly - we adored the stove, it kept us warm, was a pleasure to watch, and had a constant source of hot water from the huge kettle. We cooked pizzas in the pizza oven, cooked a stew on the couldron, popped popcorn on the firepit.

We took part in a Forest School which was amazing and completely perfect for our boys. We walked to a base in the middle of the forest with a tent and a beautiful canopy which housed the fire and log seating. The boys then enjoyed decorating trees with clay and string and playing in the stream. The grown ups made walking sticks from wood which we sourced from the local trees. After a joyful morning we sat down with tea and biscuits by the fire and soon warmed up from the rain. The children loved getting mucky and decorating their surroundings and were so happy to finish their day toasting marshmallows on the fire. We returned to camp completely filthy but nobody minded one bit.

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