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We are a family with 3 children who love nothing more than to pack a picnic and head off for an adventure.

The name Joyful Journeys was created with our family in mind. To see the joy on our children's faces every time we hopped in the camper. Playing ‘I spy’, singing along to the radio and talking about our adventure filled day they inspired us to start Joyful Journeys so that others could share the iconic campervan experience and make some wonderful memories together exploring the great outdoors. 

We understand that it takes some prep work before you can set off on your trip; From coffee to cutlery, family games to first aid kits, torches to tea towels, we ensure that our campers are stocked up with essentials to make your journey as joyful as possible! 


 Whether you are heading to the beach for sunny sandcastle creations, to the forest for epic den building competitions, a day out at a theme park, or to just relax around a campsite, a holiday in a campervan really gives you the freedom to explore without limitations, you really can have an adventure filled staycation!

Imagine settling down for the night in a cosy campervan after a fun filled day knowing that whatever the weather you have heating, full cooking facilities and a cosy place to rest your head ready for the next day.

To park up next to the beach to watch the waves and enjoy an ice cream, to pull over on the side of a mountain path and put the kettle on, a campervan is a fantastic base to enjoy your holiday.


We are very dog friendly having two golden retrievers ourselves.


Our four legged furry friends are the best adventure companions. Their energy and enthusiasm never fails to inspire us. Whether it is climbing mountains, swimming across lakes or trekking through forests their ability to make us laugh with their antics and mischief brings joy to our travels. 

There's no extra charge for bringing along your four legged friend, all we ask is that you bring suitable blankets/towels etc to protect the campervan's interior.

Dog Friendly Holiday Hire VW
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