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We strive to be an Eco Friendly Business

Staycations are already a great choice for eco conscious families due to the significant emissions of flights. We love our countryside and are passionate about creating holidays within the beauty of the UK. 


However taking it one step further we will be offsetting the emissions for all our campervan hires this year so that they will have zero carbon impact. We will be doing this via a UK based tree planting scheme.


This is just one of the ways that we will be lowering our impact on the environment. Every business choice we make will be an environmentally conscious one.

We like to keep the campervans stocked with high quality essentials, these are all carefully researched and provided with the environment in mind.

Some brands of what you will find in the camper:

Coffee: Cru Kafe

Sugar: Fairtrade, supplied by a local company

Tea: Teapigs

Milk: Milk and More

Bumboo Toilet Roll: 

Cheeky Panda Kitchen Towels

Cheeky Panda Facial Tissues

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